Johanna Henriksson is a freelance photographer and journalist based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her focus is on work for organizations, magazines and long term photographic projects. Johannas photography has been awarded in Swedish Picture of the year as well as internationally.

Prior to photography and journalism Johanna studied evolutionary biology, ecology etc at Stockholm University. She holds a Master of Science, major in Biology.

A selection of the latest news:

2018-12-01 Center for Photography, CFF, holds a group exhibition in Stockholm were Johannas work can be seen util December 16th.

2018-11-30 Johanna holds a lecture in Stockholm on her ongoing, longterm photographic project Light Shades for members of the cultural organisation Kavallahusets Vänner.

2018-10-18 Read Johannas articles on climate change, water issues and sustainable development in the Magazine OmVärlden. Text and photography by Johanna. Go to articles here and here

2018-08-28 Book release at Scala Theatre, Stockholm. Johanna has photographed for the book “Inte en kroppsspråksbok” by author Gabriella Lockwall. The book was published by the publisher Idus. Buy the book here

2018-07-22 See Johannas pictures and read her article in Finnish newspaper HBL concerning the election and the ongoing conflict in West African Mali. Go to article

Please get in touch;

Mail: johanna@johannahenriksson.com  Mobile: +46 (0)70 400 25 07

More about Johanna you find here.

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